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Why Us

There are many website companies around, and many web building applications available for do-it-yourself projects. However we provide something beyond the standard template layout.

Visual presentation of a website is an important aspect when considering the people that may visit your website, but it is also important for search engines to index your website.

We can supply graphically designed websites that are not only relevant to your business, but still be interesting, pleasant to look at, easy to navigate and most importantly highly efficient, fast loading and can be indexed easily by all major search engines.

To ensure fast loading we do not use Shockwave, JQuery, Ajax, templates or use any services from 3rd party companies. This ensures that a website from us will be completely self contained, be fast to load and use the least amount of bandwidth. These facts I'm sure your customers will appreciate, especially if using wifi internet devices.

What Do you Need from a Website?

One of the most important questions you should ask yourself is
What do you need from your website?

Some may answer that they just want to use it to promote either an item you wish to sell, or an article you have written and that is totally fine and if this is all you expect, then using a free application like Wordpress is probably all you need.

But a website can be much more. It gives you and your staff access to custom applications from any location (such as onsite with a customer or working from home for the day), you should still be able to run your business efficiently and effectively.

So why are we asking you this question? Well the reason is we do not just develop websites, in fact creating a website is the smallest part of what we offer. A website is simply an interface to much more complex applications that we can develop to help you manage your business.

All websites should have two components, the Public accessible site which everyone can visit and find using search engines and the second is the Administration side which allows you to manage the website.

Make your Website more productive for your Business

What we propose though is the Administration section can be used for more than just managing the website!

It can be used to also help you manage your business. This could be from managing stock; through to processing customer orders; generating prescription forms or invoices or quotes; producing proposals; creating work orders; managing Return Authorities and even managing your documents or any other type of data that you need constant access to.

Now there are third party services that you may be considering to store your data on, some are free and some requiring monthly subscriptions, but utilizing these third party services and trusting them with your sensitive data may not be the best choice because you never know what they may do with your data and files. They could continue to archive it long after you have deleted it, or make it available to their partners or to advertisers (just like Facebook does with all your content. Yes that is right Facebook own your content once you upload it to their system!). Before signing up with any of these services, you should really read their terms and conditions / privacy policy and all the other fine print because you may be in for a shock

The best option is to be in control of your own content and we can offer you custom designed applications to do just that easily and securely and within the confines of your own website. This means you only have to login to your website to manage all your content. Compare that to if you have signed up for services from third party companies, you would need to login to each one of those every time you need to update the content stored there. So you have to remember numerous passwords or compromise your security by having your device " Remember Your Password " !

We Offer you a Self Contained Platform.

All the applications and software we develop runs independent (or stand alone). It does not use, nor does it require third party scripts (such as anything offered by Google) or other run time environments (such as AJAX or JQuery) in order to operate. Our websites will even display if you have javascript off and they will display the appropriate message that functionality will be reduced, however will still provide full access to all the content via the sitemap. This is in stark contrast to Wordpress which thesedays just shows a blank page if you have javascript disabled. It doesn't even show a message at all. We find that is just really pathetic.

Another thing is our applications and websites function on any web browser. It does not have to be the latest version, which many other platforms demand these days, so you are guaranteed to have a website that displays on all computers even those that have not been updated for a few years. This means it will still display on computers running windows XP, which are no longer supported by the latest browsers anymore.

Everything is stored on your website and executes from there and DOES NOT RELY on any other companies software or third party software to operate (other than what is used to run and manage the server itself).

So take back control of your content and your ability to manage your own content safely and efficiently. Have a look around our website to see just a small sample of the applications we have developed, or contact us to see how we can help you.

About Us

If you are looking for a simple, cost-effective web site design, then we are the business solution you've been looking for!

We do not use or sell templates. Instead each page/site is made based on the customer's input specifically for them.

To make it easier to help you work out how much you want to spend, we currently offer a selection from six different Packages, which are based on the most frequently requested features.

If you have any specific needs or requests, then we are always willing to discuss those with you and provide a tailored option. We can also develop any website applications that you may require.

All our applications are developed in house. We do not use sub contractors and we do not use other companies runtimes (like JQuery or Google API's).

What We can Offer.

  • Do You Need a Web site ?

    We can design one specifically to your requirements.

  • Do You Need a Web Host ?

    Already have a web site, but want to use a more affordable server / or more reliable server / or a server located in Australia to host your site? We can do the hosting.

  • Do You Need your existing Web Site updated ?

    You may already have a web site on the Internet, but it may need updating, or simply not do the things you need it to do. We can do that for you.

  • Are You Unhappy with your existing Web Site ?

    If your web site has been online for a while, it may no longer suit your needs or you may wish to have it totally redesigned using a new layout and using new features or options that were not available to you initially. We can do that for you.

  • Are there some Photos that you need Edited, Enhanced and Optimized ?

    You may have some pictures or photos that you need edited, to remove distracting background, or correct problems like perspective, colour balance or exposure problems. (See our Philosophy Page for some examples) Do you need pictures optimize so they are faster to send via email or view online. We can do all that for you.

  • Do you need an internet based application developed ?

    Sometimes a website design is not what you need, but instead you may require a program or application to do certain tasks for you, or provide an extra feature for your customers (such as search for dealer locations). We can develop applications that will run from your website and can perform many different tasks. Have a look at the Demonstration Page for a few examples.

  • Do you need any brochures or manuals created ?

    We can design and create brochures for you. You can see and download some examples from From this page. All brochures are created in PDF and can be optimized for downloading from a website, or they can be optimized for sending to commercial printers. We can also create manuals and other documents.

  • What makes our software different than other companies or other package solutions (such as wordpress or joomla) ?

    Every one of our applications are developed in-house. We know the applications well and we include a built-in context sensitive help system which provides additional information about each section at the click of a mouse, and is displayed on the page, so you do not have to navigate to another webpage in order to view it. When we design your website, we also provide you with a manual that details every application installed on your website and covers all aspects of its usage and includes picture examples. Our manuals are not Generic . We feel that it is important for the manual to match as close as possible, the website, so each manual is made specifically for each customer. Each manual is provided as a PDF file which you can choose to print if required. We also have available an online tutorial system that will help step you through specific tasks.

  • Will we keep you informed of the development status every step of the way ?

    From our website you can quickly and easily find out the exact development status for your website. This provides you up to date information about what has been completed and what work is currently being performed. Any information or details that need to be brought to your attention are also listed. No more wondering and no need for constant phone calls or emails to find out what is happening. You can see an example by using the Website Development Check feature located in the right column of this page. Type in example as the quote number.

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