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News Article Featured Website Doug Kwok Art

Featured Website Doug Kwok Art
Created / Updated on Sunday 19th of September 2010
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The Featured Website is a new one that has recently been completed. Doug Kwok is a metal smith artist that produces some interesting and unique pieces which are exhibited in galleries around queensland. Designing this website provided us the freedom to create a theme and a layout that matched and complemented the style of art it was to showcase. This is the type of website that definitely represents Custom Design.

This website allows Doug to manage all the content. Each product displayed automatically includes a photo gallery and will display any photos that have been uploaded for this product. Each photo can be accompanied by an extended description. This makes the product page much more relevant as it then provides information about the actual picture being viewed.

Other features include a Links / Information page, News Articles and Archival and a Contact / Bio page. All of which include their own manager, so that the content can be changed at any time.

This website is not officially online yet, but you can have a look from THIS LINK.



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