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News Manager Version 2 Now Available
Created / Updated on Friday 5th of November 2010

The Latest version of our News Bulletin Manager has now been released and is packed full of new features and options that I'm sure will make the task of creating news articles much easier.

New Features Include

  • Photo Gallery Included. Yes The News Bulletin Manager now incorporates our Product Gallery (PGal-02) to allow the inclusion of any number of photos you wish to include with each article.
  • File / Image Manager Included. Utilising this application will allow you to manage all the photos and files that you wish to display with each news article. You can also add descriptions for any photo or file. The ability to manage your photos and files is also much easier now. It's very easy to upload new files or delete existing ones.
  • File Download Manager. The News Bulletin Manager will automatically detect if you upload files for each article. These files could be brochures, manuals, spreadsheets etc. Once a file has been detected it automatically runs the File Download Manager that will include the link for people to click on. You no longer have to worry about adding the links yourself.
  • Authors Name. Each article displayed can also show the authors name. The benefit of this is when the articles are created, each person that logs on will only be shown a list of articles that they have created. This makes their job of managing their own articles much easier.
This is just some of the new features. to read more, please visit The News Bulletin Managers Web Page.


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