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New Application Available - Manage your Own Email Accounts
Written by Bout Time Software
Created / Updated on Friday 25th of April 2014

The Joys and Pitfalls of Email Clients?
One of the major issues that many of our customers run into is how to manage email?

You see the issue isn't just about checking for mail, many business's constantly upgrade computers and operating systems on a regular basis. This in tern leads to technical issues about having to install a mail client on that new computer (or OS) and then configure it with the email account details. That becomes a problem as people forget their password, don't remember their email settings (and don't print them out when they first receive them).

Then you run into the next problem with this in that the new computer / OS or Mail Client will be different to the previous one used. So how do you migrate all your existing emails (inbox, outbox and all your custom folders) to the new platform? In a nut shell, most people don't.

The final problem relates to how you wish to manage your email accounts. The standard mail account has always been POP3. This means your computer downloads a copy of the email to your computer. That is great because it allows you to archive and manage all your emails "offline". The problem now days though is if you are use to using Microsoft Outlook then you're in for a shock because as of Windows 8, Outlook no longer supports POP3 email accounts, instead it only supports IMAP which means all your email must be managed on the server.

So customers are always running into the issue that their inbox is full (due to IMAP).

What are the solutions? - WebMail
Hotmail has been around for a long time, so has Yahoo and the most recent player is GMail (owned by Google). All these offer free services which will happily help you manage your emails for you. GMail has become very popular and as of this post has about 425 million active accounts.

Wow that's a lot, so how do they continue to provide that as a free service? Who pays for all that bandwidth, server time and disk space? Well it's the advertisers, along with your PRIVACY.

Google do not respect privacy and will read all the emails related to your account.

They use the content of your emails to then target you with adds and to build a profile of you which allows them to develop a pricing structure offered to advertisers. For example if a company places an advertisement in the local news paper, it has no idea how many people that read it would be interested in it. But if they sell product XYZ, but now advertising through Google, Google can charge them a fee to advertise directly to people who have mentioned in any of their emails a similar product or a competitors product. That's brilliant news for the advertiser but bad news for your Privacy.

Another major problem with using free Webmail accounts like Gmail is that if you are operating a business, having business emails sent to free services don't look all that professional. It would be like us having a website but then having the email as That just looks unprofessional.

What Other Options are Available? - Our Solution
If you are using a website developed and hosted by us, then we can provide you with our Latest Application which allows you to manage email directly from your website administration section.

As you would be logged onto your administration section to conduct your business already, why not have it alert you when new emails arrive. No matter what application you are currently using you will receive notification when a new email has been received.

Other major benefits with our Email Manager is that if you have multiple staff members, you would just create an account for them so they can log into the Admin section. That same account is then use to activate an email account for them. To activate an email account, all you need to do is enter the email address in their account profile. That's it. No further configuration is required. A major benefit in this is if you have quite a bit of staff turnover, adding and removing accounts is a very simple process.

Our Email Manager does not use inboxes. Huh I hear you ask. Yes that's right, there is physically no email account configured on the server. That means no-one can hack your email and use your account as a spam relay. There is no direct link to the email address in use and the mail server.

There are many other benefits and features, plus a range of cool features, such as being able to create emails from other administration applications and managers for you automatically.



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