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R and R Manufacturing Website

Created in : Sep of 2010     Current Online Status : Now Offline     Website Link : Not Available

The Website Showcase

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The Company Profile
R and R Manufacturing is a family owned and operated business. R and R Manufacturing have been producing high quality nursing home products for 7 years now. Our products have evolved over the years to meet the requests and requirements of the client. We are producing chairs of the finest quality. *july 2014 update* This company has now changed names and moved to a .aspx based website.

The Brief
To develop a website that is similar to their other website (primarily based on green) to showcase their 4 main products which they manufacturer.

This website is to use a floating width format, so that all available browser space is utilized.

The design is to have minimal effects with no shadowing or heavily contoured elements.

The Design Details
Utilizing the same styling as seen on their existing website (which we also developed), with a few main changes such as the menu system used here is different and as their logo is quite interesting it was made to be used as the center piece of the heading, rather than a traditional method of being pushed to the side of the page.

All content is hard coded, that is, each page is of fixed html design. This concept is fine when the product details and specifications are not subject to change very frequent, and as a result, database management is not required.

The Key Features & Applications
A list of key features for this website
  • Custom Design Package
  • 10 Option Menu
  • Hard Coded Product Content
  • * Currently Still being Developed *
  • Website Hosting
  • Domain Name Management

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