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You will often find it beneficial to conduct POLLS on your website to find out what your website visitors like or dislike. This could also be beneficial if you are running a club based website. That way your club members can vote on key topics or questions relating to club management.

Our Poll Manager allows you to configure up to 15 options for each poll and will Graph the results or allow you to export them as delimited text file for use in programs like Excel.


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What is a POLL?
It is nothing more than a multiple choice question which allows your website visitors to selection an option. Their choice is then recorded, allowing you to graph the results, to see which choice is the most popular.

Each Poll you create can have up to 15 options (More can be configured if required) so you can offer your website viewers a large range of options if required.

Once a person has voted (made a selection) they will then be shown the results of the poll.

Each Poll can be configured with a start and a close date. Once the close date has been reached it will no longer accept any more votes, however it will still allow display of the results for anyone that is interested in seeing them.

The results can be downloaded as a delimited text file so that you can import it into any other program, such as microsoft Excel.

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