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Sample Product Pages from Customer Websites
Content plays a vital role with the website. Content is the information that you wish to present to the visitor. This could be information about the services you can provide, or it could be details, specifications and pictures for products you manufacturer or distribute.

We feel it's important that for products, you provide large high quality images that can show the product in detail, plus where possible provide photos at alternative angles and include as many details and specifications about the product that are available.

The next major issue is keeping the content updated, or adding new content when required. This is where we can be of most value because our maintenance fees are so low you won't believe it. You'll never have to worry about keeping your website constantly and professionally updated.

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Photographic Services. Click for more information...
Product Code
Photographic Services
If you require photos of your products or building we can do that for you. Price includes editing and enhancing. Currently only available for customers in the South East Queensland Region
$ 350.00
Design PDF Brochure. Click for more information...
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Design PDF Brochure
We can develop PDF brochures for your products or services. These brochures can then be made available for downloaded from that products web page. The PDF files can be fully graphical and of any style or design that you require.
$ 95.00
Maintenance. Click for more information...
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If you require changes to any existing web page this fee will be applied. The beauty about how we handle maintenance is that this fee is applied only for the month you request a change. This means if you request 1 change it will cost you $40. If you request another change in that same calendar month you are not charged any extra. So you can make as many request for changes and it will only cost you $40 for the month. Maintenance covers changes to existing web pages only. If you request new pages be created that will incur an additional fee. Please see Additional pages option.
$ 40.00
Additional Pages Requires Product Manager. Click for more information...
Product Code
Additional Pages Requires Product Manager
If you have purchased the Product Manager, (which generates Dynamic Product Pages) then requesting additional pages to be added is cheaper than Hard Coded pages. Dynamical Generated pages do not exist on the server, instead they are generated from database information upon each request. This requires our Product Manager!
$ 30.00
Additional Page (hard coded). Click for more information...
Product Code
Additional Page (hard coded)
Additional Pages are required for your content, or if you are needing to add a new page to your existing website. These pages are Hard Coded, which means they physically exist on the server, The reason adding new pages costs more is due to other changes are also required to the menu, website search and any product category pages. A Hard Coded page is one that physically exists on the server.
$ 50.00

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