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Bout Time Software - WEBSITE HOSTING - Website Hosting Light (Host1)
Providing : Custom Website Design & Custom PHP Application Development.

[ Host1 ] Website Hosting Light

Services Included

  • Up to 100 MB of disk space
  • Up to 1000MB of bandwidth
  • Up to 5 email accounts
  • 1 MySQL Database


The main aspect of website hosting is the amount of potential bandwidth the website will require. This hosting is primarily for a website that could require up to 1000MB of bandwidth.

The additional consideration is how much space you require for storing your content. Our applications are designed to optimize all photos that you upload which help reduce both bandwidth and disk space usage. If you require more than 100MB that can be provided.

This fee is for 12 months and will be due EACH YEAR. The cost works out at $7.50 per month and includes the services listed on the left.

Website hosting is required because your website has to be stored on the internet so people can visit it. This fee covers the cost of managing such a service.

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What Is Website Hosting

Quite simply when you have a website it needs to be stored on a computer that has a special connection to the internet. So in order to do that an account needs to be purchased from a company which can provide access to such computers.

Each account has different benefits and features available. The more features you require, usually the dearer the account will be. Which account you require will depend on the type and size of your website.

To make things easier we have three Hosting Accounts available, and to help identify which one you will require is based on how many pages of content your website contains.

This account is designed for a website that has less than 10 pages and is the most cost effective account available from us.

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