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How Our Maintenance Agreement Operates

The largest factor with any website is it will inevitably require updating. The question always arises, how much will updating cost and who should do it?.

There are many companies that promote the ability for you to perform your own maintenance, updates or adding new products, however it is worth considering the issues of efficiency and continuity. It's important that each web page be consistent. If companies manage their own updates, then inevitably this task will be delegated to different employees at different times, meaning your web site pages could start looking like a patchwork quilt as each employee may use different fonts, size or colour depending on their skill level and experience in handling such tasks.

Also consider what the cost is to you for having that employee tackle such tasks. Is there something more important that they could be doing instead, and is the cost of them doing it even remotely cheaper than what we are charging? The Next Major consideration is pictures. Every photo should be optimized, edited and enhanced for use on a website, to ensure your website operates efficiently and just as importantly that the picture portrays your product to the best of its ability. This would require the staff member to be proficient in a program like Adobe Photoshop.

With us doing your maintenance and updates you can be assured that all your web pages will be consistent and all pictures will be fully optimized and enhanced. To see examples of unoptimized and unedited product pictures versus the finished product please Visit This Page.

The next issue is How Much. Well If you require changes to any existing web page you are charged a fixed fee. The beauty about how we handle maintenance is that this fee is applied only for the month you request a change. This means if you request 1 change it will cost you the price displayed on the right. If you request another change in that same calendar month you are not charged any extra. So you can make as many request for changes within that calendar month for just that one single fee.

Maintenance covers changes to existing web pages only.


Important. Maintenance covers the changes to any web pages that currently EXIST. For example you may wish to have products added, removed or edited (such as updated prices) on an existing page. That is covered.

However if you require new products to be added which requires the creation of NEW pages, then that is *NOT* covered under the monthly Maintenance option. To see the costs of adding new pages PLEASE VISIT THIS LINK .

The reason adding new pages have to be treated different is because each new page will also require changes to be made to the menus (where applicable), to the website search engine, Product Manager, Order Forms etc..

If you request multiple pages at the one time it will work out slightly cheaper for you, as these additional changes can be handled in a single instance when multiple new pages are being created and added to your website.


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