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How do know if you need Hard Coded or Dynamic Page

A Hard coded page is one that physically exists and must be created and uploaded to the website before it can be viewed. So if the information you need to add to your website (or the page you need created) is not related to a Product, Service or a News Article / Bulletin, then it's a Hard Coded page.

The alternative is Dynamic Pages. The information for these pages is actually stored in a database and is then displayed when required. To perform this task we have created an application called Product Manager. Any pages that are to be handled by the Product Manager are called Dynamic and are slightly cheaper to create.

The Product Manager is an optional feature that can be purchased.


Hard Coded

This is the cost to add one new page of hard coded content to your website. If you have an existing website, or you are purchasing a package, but need to include more pages than the package contains..

An example of pages that are usually hard coded are: The Home Page, Contact us Page, About us Page. Usually it's any pages that don't require changes or frequent updates.

Price listed is Per Page. If you need to add more than one page, we offer discounts for ordering multiple quantities at the one time.


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What does Hard Coded Mean?
When a web page is created it is saved as a file. This file is then uploaded to the server where your website is being hosted. Each time someone views your website, when they click to view this page it is loaded from the server and displayed in their web browser.

Adding Hard Coded pages, usually requires other changes to be made. These changes usually include updating the menu, site search and sitemap features so that this new page can be accessed. If this new page is for a product, then the relevant product category page would also require updating. All these additional required changes takes time and is why adding Hard Coded pages is dearer than adding Dynamic Pages. However if you choose to purchase multiple Hard Coded pages at the one time then a discount will be provided as it means all these additional changes can be made at the one time.

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