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Provides you the ability to offer your customers a fast and efficient Bulk Ordering System. Everyone is familiar with using the traditional Shopping Cart, however everyone is also familiar with just how slow they are to use and not practical at all if you need to order multiple products. Traditional Shopping Carts are really only useful for Retail Sales, where a customer may order a few different products periodically.

However if you have Wholesalers, Retailers or customers purchasing on "Account", that wish to re-order quantities of products at regular intervals, they will not want to use a Traditional Shopping Cart. This is where Our Purchase Order Request Form comes to the rescue. From a SINGLE page it provides the ability to display all your products, making it extremely easy for your customers to purchase numerous products quickly and efficiently.

Another major benefit is it can generate quotes as well. That will save you time as your customers can login select the products they are interested in and generate their OWN Quote. Or you can login and create the quote on their behalf and the Purchase Order Request form will email it direct to them.


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You can see a working copy of the Purchase Order Request Form from our Ordering Section.

Some of the Features include:
  • The ability to have multiple pricing levels for each Product (currently supports 6)
    This means you can show retail prices if you wish, but when an account holder logs in, they will see their buy prices instead. It will also show them the savings over standard retail prices.

  • The ability to quickly display or hide complete product categories
    WITHOUT losing any products you have selected. Once the Order Form has initially loaded, you can navigate between the categories instantly. No Loading Times ! This makes it ultra fast for people on slower internet connections.

  • Preview the Order before you Submit.
    This is done using a separate window, so you don't have to navigate away from the order form to see the total of your order. Once again making it much faster to use than a traditional shopping cart.

  • Generate PDF files.
    Each Quote or Order that is submitted is converted to a PDF file. These are then sent as attachments on the email or can be downloaded directly from the Submit Page. Not only does this present more professional, but it also ensures accuracy when printing and being able to be downloaded directly means there's no need to wait for email to arrive.

  • No Need to create an account before you place an Order.
    Simply fill out the billing section with your details then click on Submit.

  • The Purchase Order Request Form does not accept payment details, does not include shipping costs and does not generate Invoices.
    These are the main issues with any online ordering. The security issues with credit card details and the unknown issue with freight costs, especially if you order multiple products where each product is different dimensions and weight. So once the order is submitted (via email) you can simply phone the customer back and provide them with an accurate cost for shipping. If they accept this you can then discuss payment methods (or collect their credit card details), all before you process their Order. This also means you have verified who the customer is to ensure this is a legitimate order.

    The best way to offer payment options is to use BPAY that way the customer is using their own banks website to process the payment and means you are no longer responsible for securing their credit card details!

  • The Ability for customers to create their own Quotes
    It is inevitable that all companies will have to provide quotes for customers or potential customers. This Purchase Order Request Form can do that for you. The customer can either login and create their own quote, or you can login and generate it for them. This will allow you to generate quotes in next to no time.
Basically this Bulk Ordering system allows your customers to submit Purchase Orders. It does not generate Invoices. You are still required to perform that action, but as it is intended for use with customers who have an account then that should not pose any additional problems.

Managing Accounts
A standard online ordering based website requires that each customer create an account before they can purchase. Now in theory that sounds reasonable, but not if you want to use multiple pricing levels. That means you have to wait for them to create an account and then search for their account (as in what login name did they use) before you can update their settings for which pricing level they should receive. That does not sound very efficient!

Our system does not function like that. Instead you create the account and then tell them the login name and password. That way you can configure their account immediately. The other major benefit of this system is that only people you are dealing with have accounts. With the standard way anyone can create an account causing more work having to sort out what accounts are valid and which are not.

Managing Products
In combination with our Product Manager, you can control which products appear on the form and all their details, such as prices, descriptions etc.

That way you can quickly and easily add or remove a product from displaying on the order form, or change the details or prices for any products.

You can also configure it so that only certain products are shown to certain dealer pricing levels. This is great if you wish to offer different products to your account holders versus normal retail sales. This feature can be configured numerous ways so it can be tailored to suit your requirements.

Customer Features
When a customer logs in, they will have the ability to Review all previously submitted Quotes and Orders.

They will also have the option to download each PDF file again. This can be beneficial if the confirmation email was not received, or was accidentally deleted.

This Review module allows them to monitor the status of their Order. So they can see when their order was processed, when the product was dispatched and when the order was completed. A completed order is one where the product has been dispatched and payment has been received.

Once an order or quote has been submitted it can not be changed.

Administration Features
You can review each order that is submitted. You have the ability to update the status of each order, by adding a Received Date, Processed Date, Dispatched Date and a Completed Date.

You can also monitor the delay status of each order. For example you can see how many days it has taken you to complete the order. A Completed order is one where the product has been dispatched and payment has been received. This can give you information as to where the delay is. It could be in supplying the product (eg your suppliers) or it could be in waiting for payment (eg your customers). The status can be configured one of the following ways:

From Ordered Date This will show you how long it has taken for you to complete the order. If you invoice from date of order this can also show you how long it has taken to receive payment

From Dispatch Date. This will show you how long it has taken for the customer to pay, if you invoice from the date the product was dispatched.

You can at a glance easily see which orders are waiting to be processed, which orders are waiting for product to be dispatched, and which orders are still waiting for payment.

To use the Purchase Order Request Form, you will also be required to purchase our Product Manager. The website server this is installed to must support PHP and MySQL Database. FTP Access will also be required to the Home directory

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