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It doesn't matter how user friendly you make a website, there will inevitably be the requirement for people to search.

Our website search allows your visitors the ability to search the pages of your web site for key words or phrases. The difference with our search is it does not use any external search engines (like google). This means it can not only operate faster, but it also operates in realtime. So if you make changes to any of your web pages, the search engine knows about this instantly. Unlike using Google which may take many days or weeks before it re-indexes your pages.


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Our Search Engine will scan all Hard Coded and Dynamically Generated pages (including news articles) to ensure that your whole website is covered.

This version of the search engine allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the search engine. This will indicate if a page should be displayed in the list.:

You have three options available, Each one is more restrictive than the last.

ANY (the default) - any of the words you entered can be found.

ALL (restrictive search) - every word you entered must be found.

PHRASE - (very specific and restrictive search) the words must be found exactly as you typed them, including spaces, commas etc.

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