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Why Look at a picture. See the Demo

There's no point in showing you a picture of what the Site Map Application looks like, because we have it installed on our website, so you can see it function.

CLICK HERE to view our site map.


A Site Map is a very simple but effective feature that provides a top-down view of the overall pages available from a website. Each page available is displayed as a list and grouped into categories that reflect your menu options.

From a Site Map you can go directly to any page available on the website. It also helps facilitate search engines (such as google) to ensure that all pages on a website can be found and indexed.


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You may find some customers prefer to see a list of all pages that are available from a website, rather than having to search for the page using either website search or go hunting through the menu options. A sitemap can make it so much more user friendly for websites that have a large number of pages.

Our sitemap is generated dynamically, it is not a static page. That means as new pages are added, the sitemap knows about it instantly.

You can view our site map from the following link SITE MAP.

Our Site Map can display links to all hard coded and dynamically generated pages that are available to ensure that your whole website is referenced and accessible from a single page.

To make viewing the sitemap easier, it is designed so that each section can be expanded or collapsed individually, or you can, with a single click, expand all, or collapse all sections. This saves you having to scroll through a long page if the section you are interested in is close to the bottom.

New Features
We have added password protection features to many of our applications now and the Sitemap has been upgraded to ensure it supports those features. So for any application which you have enabled Password Protection (such as our Link Manager), the Sitemap application will show a padlock if the current viewer does not have access.

This ensures that your protected content remains protected.

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