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Are you looking to display and manage Business Advertisements?

Many websites display advertisements, but rarely do they have the ability to manage them. So we have developed an Advertiser Manager Application that allows you to manage each listing that you wish to display on your website and on which pages each add listing is allowed to appear.

This type of management is ideal if you are an organization or club that has numerous members which also operate their own business's. Using this application you can allow them to advertise on your website, (for whatever fee you deem appropriate).

The initial design is to display a picture of their business card, but also provide a text advertisement if a picture is currently unavailable. An additional display of text is provided for when the website visitor moves the mouse over the business card picture. This is to ensure that the contact information is easy to read. If the business has their own website then you will be able to click on the business card picture to visit it.


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Benefits of Managing your own Advertisers

Many websites display Adds, however majority of them only actually earn money from the add when someone clicks on the add. We think things should run a little differently. If you display information about a business that is actually beneficial to the viewer (such as business contact details instead of trying to get them to click by using a gimmick or silly catch phrase) then you should be able to charge accordingly, irrespective of whether someone clicks on the add or not.

A summary of the Key Features

  • Generates a single page with business card pictures for each advertiser. This is idea if you wish to incorporate the adds as a full page of content.
  • Can also provide inline adds to be displayed on any page you nominate ( defined during your website development. )
  • For Inline adds; define which listings are to appear on which page. And/Or allow you to charge different prices for display on different pages.
  • Provides the ability to assign an expiration date for each listing.
  • Allows keywords to be associated with each listing. For use with the search feature.
  • Includes a handy search feature to allow website visitors to quickly and easily locate listings that match their preferences.
  • Incorporates a Ranking System so you can provide tiered pricing options (See Details section for more information)
  • Quick ability to incorporate the Add display into any applications we have developed which support advertising. (such as News, Products)
Default Display Method

By default all listings are sorted and displayed alphabetically. Each advertisement can include a picture (the default is 300 pixels x 180 pixels but that can be configured to any size you choose) which is primarily designed to be a scan of their business card, however if a picture is currently unavailable then a text listing (of the same size) is displayed including all the business details.

The Information Manager is installed on our website and we have added a few of our website customers to the display so you can see how it operates. ADVERTISING EXAMPLE.

As usual, all applications developed by Bout Time Software can be configured to your exact specifications as they are all written in house. We do not use or rely upon any third party software (such as wordpress) or templates.

Where Adds will Appear

Firstly all advertisers are shown on a single page, which incorporates a search feature so people can refine the list of advertisers to those that meet their requirements. As demonstrated on this page: ADVERTISING EXAMPLE.

The second is on a per page basis in a small non obtrusive box (that you have control over the size (default is 250 pixels wide x 150 pixels high) where images will be displayed. Each image is displayed for 3 seconds (this can be set to any duration you require) and the display will pause if you move the mouse over the picture. See the bottom of this page where the advertising is currently being displayed.

Each Business Listing is displayed based on the Ranking value assigned then Alphabetically.

Options for your Advertisers

They can nominate which pages they wish their business listing to appear on. Each listing can be configured to appear on any page which has been setup to display adds.

Options for the Website Operator

As each business listing can be configured to appear on any (or all pages) that support adds, you have the option of structuring your prices accordingly. You could provide a single fixed price for all pages, or vary the prices per page depending on the popularity of each page.

You can quickly and easily remove the add module from being displayed on any page at any time. Just go into the configuration section where you can manage which pages the add module should appear. You can only do this for pages which have been designed to support the advertising module.

You will not be able to change the position of the advertising display, as this is defined during the development of your website. However if you wish it moved to another location then please contact Bout Time Software and we can change the layout for the required page for you. (Changes like this can be handled under our standard Maintenance Agreement.)

Benefits of Managing your own Advertisers

Most websites operate by being served adds, which they earn revenue each time a website visitor clicks on an add. We think website operators should have a little more flexibility. After all the newspapers get paid for displaying a business add, irrespective of if that advertiser sold any product, or received any enquiries from the add, website operators should also have that benefit.

So our Business Advertising Manager does not rely upon gimmicks or flashy / annoying adds to try and lure someone to click on it, instead it simply advertises the business in question by displaying a single jpeg image, usually a scan of their business card.

The other benefit you may enjoy is managing the fee structure yourself, so you can determine the actual value of your own pages. So by checking out the hits for each page which has been configured to display advertisements, you can then define a fee structure where you can charge a higher fee for a popular page (such as a photo gallery, or latest news page), and a lower fee for a less popular page (such as a product or FAQ page).

This allows advertisers to choose which pages on your website they want their add to appear, or you could offer package deals that incorporate some or all pages. The options are yours to define as our application simply offers you great flexibility in being able to do this.

However you are not the only one that benefits. Business's choosing to advertise with you now have a fixed fee and know that their add will be displayed for a specified duration (ie month or year), unlike onclick adds, where the add will disappear once the assigned $ value has been reached. So the add could be visible for an hour, a day or a month. There is no way to know for sure and it removes the uncertainty as to who has been clicking on your add. Was it one of your competitors ?

The Ranking System

The Ranking System allows you to assign a number from 1 (Highest) to 100 (Lowest) for each listing. The purpose is for you to offer a Tiered Pricing structure if you wish. So you can offer different pricing levels for business's that wish to appear higher in the list than the default alphabetical order would normally provide.

As an example, say there is a business called Zallots Motors. By default this would appear at the bottom of the list due to the standard listing being Alphabetical and if all your listings are assigned to the default Ranking of 100. If you now assign a Ranking of 99 to Zallots Motors then they will appear above all other listings which have been assigned a Ranking of 100.

You can choose to charge whatever you wish for each Ranking value, or you can simply choose to leave all listings at the default Ranking of 100 and charge a fixed price.

An example of the order with which listings would appear on the page based on their ranking and name.

Ranking 1 (Highest)Listings displayed A - Z
Ranking 2 Listings displayed A - Z
Ranking 5 Listings displayed A - Z
Ranking 30 Listings displayed A - Z
Ranking 95 Listings displayed A - Z
Ranking 100 Listings displayed A - Z

Expiration Date

Each listing is assigned an expiration date, which by default is 1st of July for the following year. You have the ability to assign any expiration date you choose, such as a business purchasing multiple years advertising in advance. Or you can choose to operate your advertising pricing structure on a monthly basis rather than yearly. You can assign any date range, but it would be advisable to inform us of what expiration date structure you wish to use so we can code that in as the default at the time of your website development.

Once the expiration date is reached, the advertisement is removed from the list on the website. If they now purchase another period of advertising, you simply edit their entry and change the expiration date and it will re-appear in the list.

You can also choose to not enter an expiration date, which will in effect make that listing permanent and will never expire.

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